Carbon Steel


The use of a stabiliser is recommended to avoid stresses caused by the oxyacetylene cutting.


For the construction of moulds and mould carriers, large-scale parts, support plates, guides, high-resistance machine components, and hydraulic blocks. Agricultural machinery and machine parts subject to little wear. This steel tempers well and can be used in parts tempered by induction that require 55 HRC surface hardness. For instance, it can be used in guides and slides for any type of machine tools.

S355 JS+N

Weldable with a multitude of systems. This sheet metal is ideal for cold forming, both in steel rollers and bending presses. Optimal properties for all types of machining.


For the construction of superstructures, underground mining, bridge building, hydraulic works, construction of tanks, machinery and, in general, all types of parts that require a resistance of between 52 and 62 KG/mm2.

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